The Kingdom Foundation is a ministry that exists to carry the message of the gospel in word and deed. We aim to serve as a bright lamp in the end times, teaching the deep things of God, and preparing people for the return of Jesus.

We are committed to strategic missions and gospel centered projects that meet the darkness of our times head on with the power of God’s love and truth. Many of these projects meet the critical needs of Christians and serve the world’s most vulnerable children. These range from equipping ministers to effectively advance the kingdom, to providing basic needs such as food and clothing for poor and persecuted believers.

One of the most pressing needs we face centers around the shocking epidemic of abused children in Asia. In this project we rescue young boys and girls from the hellish conditions of slavery and the forced sex industry. Once freed, they are placed in a safe environment where they can heal and encounter the tangible love of Jesus.

Ultimately, as disciples, everything we labor toward is borne out of a heart to know and walk increasingly close with the Lord. He is our foundation. And we pray that his image alone may remain the chief mark upon this ministry as we serve in his name.

Thank you for laboring alongside us for the advancement of the gospel.

Founder and Overseer

Toby Wentz