“Religion that is undefiled and pure before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world”. James 1:27

It is with this in mind that The Kingdom Foundation offers refuge and hope to some of Asia’s most vulnerable children. Our aim is to give each child that we serve an opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential as we try to imagine the greatness of their value to God. For this reason we refuse to underestimate their ability to one day become voices of truth that are able to stand against the same darkness they themselves have experienced.

But first, it begins with getting them relocated to an orphanage or safehouse run by our team. Once there, they experience the tangible love of Jesus and have their immediate needs met.

Each child we take in has a unique, and often heartbreaking story as almost all of them are rescued directly from red-light districts or brick kilns where they were kept as slave laborers. And just as you might imagine, children coming out of these conditions often have deep physical and emotional scars. Even so, many of them possess a unique resilience despite their experiences.

One rescued child named Isaac was kept as a slave and forced to work long hours under extreme conditions in a brick kiln. However, being only a kid, he struggled under the pressure and was often found playing instead of working. One day his owner became angry at this and punished him by pouring boiling water over his back which severely damaged his skin. Though Isaac bares severe physical marks of his abuse he now gets to play with other children without the fear of being punished.

Another young girl named Sara who was recently rescued has a similarly difficult story to hear. Though only eight years old, she lived in the hellish environment of a brothel. And as a result of the abuse she suffered there she is no longer able to walk. Even so, Sara is now living with hope alongside other young girls who love and shower her with affection.

It can be almost unimaginable to think that these things are actually happening in our world today, but the truth is that they are commonplace. Stories just like these come before us on an ongoing basis. Yet we, along with many other believers who are awakening to the battles of our day have resolved to make a difference.

Each of these two precious lambs was rescued, and are currently being taken care of because of the generous gifts of God’s people.

As long as this is going on, and as long as we have an open door to help, The Kingdom Foundation will remain committed to combating this wickedness in Christ’s name. And not only do we aim to continue the fight, but also to expand with your help. We invite you to partner with us to help make more miracles happen for innocent boys and girls such as these. As well, we offer our deepest gratitude to the generous people like yourself who keep this, and our other darkness piercing projects both strong and growing.