Her name is Shenaz and she’s a Christian with a story that must be heard. Until recently, she and her children were the property of another person. Yes…this is slavery. And it is one of the growing crises of our times.

For many, it can be difficult to think that slavery still exists in the modern world, yet, depending on where you live, you may be only slightly aware that this is taking place. One reason is that much of it is hidden in darkness, only occasionally reaching the eyes of the masses. Regardless, human slavery is more prevalent today than at any time in history.

As for Shenaz, she has lived her entire life in one of Asia’s most intense strongholds of slavery and is only one of multitudes who have experienced this darkness. Her story bears striking similarities to the Exodus account in which the live’s of the ancient Israelites were made bitter under the cruel hand of Pharaoh. Just like them, she was forced to make bricks while enduring neglect and ongoing abuse. The pain she endured during this is something few can relate too as she essentially she lost everything except her faith. Yet it was this faith, that led her to call upon the same God who freed the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.

Finally, after ten long years a day of salvation came and her prayers were answered. This took place as fellow believers purchased her directly from her master and moved her and her children into a safe location. There, alongside others who have had similar experiences, they serve God in peace and experience healing in his presence. Now, her children can sleep at night without fear and enjoy things like regular meals and getting an education. It’s safe to say that for them, this has been nothing short of a miracle.

We at The Kingdom Foundation are thankful to tell you that many others since then have also been rescued and brought to places of hope and healing. We give God all the glory for this and offer our deepest gratitude to all who have helped in this mission. It is to see these types of miracles that The Kingdom Foundation continually labors toward, knowing fully, that acts of the Father’s love such as these are a wonderful way to introduce people to our Savior.

In the end, we are confident that the Lord will continue to provide for such projects and even more as an army of generous people like yourself mobilize to make a mighty impact for the Kingdom of God. Please consider that many more of our family in Christ, as well as vulnerable children are waiting for help. Knowing this, we invite you to join with us to aid them in their time of need. Together, as in the days of old, we can lift our voice prophetically to declare “Let my people go!”