The Kingdom Foundation works to aid those trapped in slavery, seeing them freed, and giving them an opportunity to grow with the hope that they may one day lift their voices for the cause. We see this as something worth fighting for. However, another form of slavery exists in the world that is both, universal in scope, and eternal in consequence. And all of humanity having suffered from it in one way or another, is desperately in need of freedom.

Do you know what it is?

It is slavery to sin.

This is what Jesus died to free us from. His sacrifice alone is sufficient to purchase our freedom which is received when we simply believe the gospel, turning to the Savior in faith. In turn, those who have believed have the responsibility of helping others come to know Christ. Indeed, the Lord has entrusted us with his sacred message and commissioned all of his followers to take part in spreading it to the ends of the earth.

At its core, The Kingdom Foundation operates as a response to the Great Commission and labors to advance the gospel. One of the most basic ways we do this is through our teams among the nations which are made up of dedicated gospel messengers. Though these often come in lowly and weak forms; they are abundantly rich in faith. Many are simply young men and women dedicated to spreading the gospel within their communities and nations. And even as Jesus himself ministered while quite young, we realize that these also are able to have a mighty impact on the world.

Please pray for these messengers as it is truly a time for a harvest! We want you to know that we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gracious support of our partners, which allows us to help slaves of sin find salvation and freedom in Jesus. When you give to The Kingdom Foundation you help to advance the gospel by providing our messengers with much-needed supplies, training, and encouragement to continue standing for Jesus.